So there was this guy who lived a few thousand years ago.  His name was David, and he was one of the greatest leaders Israel ever had.

David did a lot of amazing things for his country but he had a pretty epic failure.

In 2 Samuel 11, there is a story where David ends up staying home, instead of going out to battle.  During that time, he looks out his window and sees a pretty woman showering in a nearby home.  Because he was the king, he sends someone to go get her so he could sleep with her.

She ends up getting pregnant.  To make matters worse, the man this woman was married to one of David’s closest friends.

After trying to hide it from his friend Uriah, David sends him to the front of the battle because he knew the battle was fierce and he would be killed.  In other words: David sent him off to be killed so his infidelity could stay hidden.

Uriah ends up getting killed in that battle.  So now, David is not only a lying adulterer, but he is also a murderer!  To make things worse, he hides his failure for nine months, until the pastor of the day, Nathanial, finally called him out on it.  It was an absolute mess.


The other day I was reading in Acts 13:22 and stumbled upon a something God said about David. God said about the lying, murdering adulterer, “He was a man after my own heart, who did my whole will.”

Wait, Huh?

No he didn’t

I don’t know everything, but I do know David most definitely DID NOT do God’s “whole will.”  Having an affair with your closest friends wife, having your friend killed, then hiding it for nine months, would go against pretty much everything the Bible teaches about a lifestyle that honors God.

It seems like God is a big fat liar.

Why is it that when God went back to talk about His kid David, He specifically said he did “ALL of my will.” 

He isn’t a liar, 

 He just doesn’t remember our failures!

I think all of us have had moments in our lives where we have felt unlovable.  We grovel at God’s feet, begging Him to forgive us for our humanity (FYI He isn’t surprised, irritated, or grossed out by it), and we forget that He doesn’t see us through the same lens we see ourselves.

And since we weren’t the ones who created things like oxygen or the solar system, maybe we should see ourselves as God sees us?  The way God saw David.

When you fail.  When you feel ashamed of yourself.  When you hate who you see in the mirror.  God looks at you and sees someone worthy of love and affection, and does not think about your mistakes!

Get into the bible and find out how He sees you. He doesn’t think you are bad.  In fact, He thought you were worth dying for so maybe He thought you were pretty good? 

And He knows what “good” is, because He made things like breakfast burritos.

Here’s to Loving the Process