How is it already 2018!? I feel like I’m just starting to feel like I’ve figured out 2017. As I look back on everything I wanted to do different, I’ve realized many things are still the same.

Here is Why
Much of our lives are lived in autopilot.

When stimulus enters your world, our brains respond to them with the intent of preserving the most amount of energy. How that shakes out, is we end up making decisions all day long without even realizing we are making them! Now that can be a wonderful thing, or a horrible thing, depending on the state of your mind.

Your mind can be separated into three parts.
1. Conscious mind- Where your will power lives.
2. Sub-conscious mind- Where your beliefs are stored.
3. Creative sub-conscious mind- Where evidence is gathered to ensure your outer world, matches the belief of your inner world.

When you set a goal, your conscious mind is engaged. You have made a decision to change and grow. However the parts of your mind which allow you to achieve your goal, are the last two parts I mentioned. Both of them kick in when your will power loses steam.

Research shows our will power is like a muscle, which means it can grow, but also gets depleted. Past a certain point of focus, unless you rest, you will actually lose your resolve to say no to things which may provide momentary rewards, but will ultimately harm you (eating cake, skipping workouts, or substance abuse).

Once your will power is depleted, this is where the autopilot comes into play. If your belief system in your subconscious mind is one of positivity, hope, and joy, you will arrive at your goals much faster because it will take NO EFFORT to make those small course corrections when your will power falters. Belief in the subconscious mind is massively more powerful than the willpower of our conscious mind. In fact, putting your will power up against your belief, is like a JV scout team going against an NFL squad. There’s no chance. You’re will power always fights a losing battle against your belief system.

Here is the Key

Your sub-conscious mind will replicate whatever it’s fed. Give it grass, grass will grow. Leave it unattended, and it will quickly be consumed with thoughts which will keep you from being who you want to be. We re-create our inner world around us.

Feed it well

When thoughts of defeat, doubt, negativity, or bitterness pop up, we must respond to them with positivity and hope (check out my iTalk cards if you battle with negative self-talk). Drive them out with the truth of who you really are: an incredible person with so much to offer. If you don’t like your harvest, start sowing different seeds.

“And don’t be conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable perfect will of God.” Romans 12:2