When God created you, you were equipped with the greatest super computer ever birthed into “The Matrix” of human consciousness.  Think of how many thousands of years man has existed, yet the technology we CREATE, is nothing in comparison to the technology you were BORN WITH.

Your brain can be divided up into several different components.  Each responsible for a multitude of tasks.  For example, the neocortex is responsible for language and reasoning.  The limbic system, is responsible for feelings, memory, and reward.  And the third part of your brain, which is the most primal part, is the “reptilian brain,” (we have this part of the brain in common with reptiles and other mammals),  And its job is keeping “yo butt” alive!

The reptilian part of your brain is the one which controls the fight, flight, or freeze response, which kicks in when a threat enters your world.  And WHEN a threat enters your world, in a repeat attempt of keeping “yo butt” alive, it accomplishes the fight, flight, or freeze response using the path of lease resistance.  It uses the path of least resistance, because the path of least resistance means the fewest amount of calories are going to be spent.  AKA you can survive longer!

Do you understand how monumental this is?  What I am saying, is that all day long, we have the potential of having our brains highjacked by the most primitive thoughtless part of our being.  The part which promises us safety and survival no matter how irresponsible or misguided that process looks.  So when things get hard at work, or in relationships, or with your kids, or with school, the primal part of your brain is going to do everything it can to shut down anything uncomfortable, and get you on the path of least resistance.  

It goes without saying you are the average of the top five people you spend time with. Proverbs 13:20 says, “walk with the wise to be wise.”  But today, we are at a concerning place, where you really don’t have to walk with anyone!  I mean 100 years ago, you had to be in a community to survive, but that isn’t the case anymore.  With technology, we don’t even have to leave the house. In fact in Japan, there are almost 700,000 people who haven’t left there house in over six months (google hikikomori).

Your brain is going to try and do everything it can to remove you from anything uncomfortable.  The path of least resistance is comfortable because it rarely has anyone else on it to challenge you.  If we were to look at your week and see that the top five people you spent the most time with were Rick Grimes, Eleven, Michael Scott, and Peter Griffin, then we have a problem!

It’s not that I have anything against entertainment or vegging out,  but i’ve realized the path of least resistance is a lonely one.  To have the kind of relationships you really want, will mean doing the most difficult thing for many of us, which is showing up, putting yourself out there, and risking being rejected for the opportunity at finding what we really want…connection.

  1. You cannot become the person you want to be in isolation– I’ve tried it and I’ve realized that unless you are getting around people, you will never become the person you want to be.
  1. You are definitely isolating in some area of your life–  It’s so easy to isolate today.  Give your schedule an honest look because you are most likely hiding in some capacity.
  1. Connection is worth fighting for–  We will practice that which we understand the significance of.  Remember that even though relationships can get messy, they are what you were created for and they are worth pursuing.

How have you seen isolation show it self in your life?

Here’s to Loving the Process