• Clint


Clint grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas where he attended W.B. Ray High School. Although he grew up going to church and knowing about Jesus, fruit of the spirit was not evident. Growing up, football was god. He worshipped his god by spending countless hours in the weight room, practice, and summer camps. Like all false gods, football did not satisfy his longing for the love of a real God. It wasn't until college did he realize that intimacy with Jesus was what he had been looking for his whole life.

Slowly but surely, Clint began to fall more and more in love with Jesus and grow in the revelation in His completed work on the cross. Clint received his Bachelor degree in Entrepreneurial Management from Texas Christian University, in the spring of 2010. While at TCU, Clint rose to the top as a core leader both on and off the football field. He was twice selected as the special teams’ representative on the team leadership council and functioned as a liaison between coaches and players for the top-ranked program.

After going undrafted in 2010, Clint spent three months with the New Orleans Saints competing to be the starting longsnapper. Released the first day of camp to make room for new draftees, he was picked up by the Seattle Seahawks the following day. Since that time, he has served as the Seahawks longsnapper while continuing to be an influential leader both on and off the field. In addition to being regarded as one of the most driven and technically sound longsnappers in the NFL, he leads the Seahawks Bible study groups. Clint approaches each day with a positive attitude and a deep conviction to push those around him to greatness- not only on the field, but after a deep walk with Christ.

Driven by the saying “Love God and Love people”, Clint has become a standout amongst his peers. His passion for the kingdom of God to come is inspiring and contagious. Clint feels a strong calling of God on his life to reach young people before they need to be rescued, which is why he spends most of his time off the field volunteering with Younglife. Clint recently bought a house in Mercer Island, Washington where he lives with five other Younglife leaders with the mandate of bringing Gods presence to the lost and hurting.

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